Twisted Helles

This beer is a simple but good summer time lager by Frankenmuth Brewery in Michigan. I was drawn to the nice and very clean can design and I think it reflects the beer’s mellow taste with a slight hint of lemon. Nuthin’ fancy here but it fits my summer mindset. They say it was inspired by Michigan summers but it seemed to wrap up my summer in Boston quite well. And with that said, I shall now brace myself for pumpkin beer season…!

Private Rye Bière De Garde


Private Rye Bière De Garde by Jack’s Abby Brewing is a farmhouse style lager. Starts sweet and ends dry with a hint of rye and hops throughout. This beer turned into one of my favorite spring-time brews.  It’s out of season now but I still find it in many stores around the Boston area.

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