Zulu Blonde

Zulu Blonde is brewed by Zululand Brewery in Eshowe, South Africa. This brew quickly became one of my favorite light bodied beers and I was sad when I ran out of it. It’s not overly sweet and goes down smooth with a tiny hint of hop aftertaste. Hopefully they expand their distribution to the US soon because I want more!

Alexander Green

Alexander Green is a seasonal IPA brewed by Alexander Brewery in Emek Hefer, Israel. The beer had a mild citrus hop profile and finished smooth, especially considering the long journey that cute little turtle took to get to me. I’m extremely lucky to have tried this beer because it’s very rare outside of Israel. L'chaim!


Bakke Hill Black Lager

Bakke Hill Black Lager is a Schwarzbier brewed by Fish Brewing Co. out of Olympia, WA. This beer is extremely smooth and rich but at the same time very mild. Subtle notes of chocolate and coffee from start to finish, this would be a great beer to introduce someone who is afraid of “dark” beers (and trust me, no light escapes this black hole of a beer!)


Special thanks to everyone who donated to my fundraiser for The Stratton Foundation!

Zombie Dust

Zombie Dust by Three Floyds Brewing Company in Indiana is a deliciously balanced Pale Ale (some might be tempted to call it an IPA) with a fantastic crisp hop taste. I wish we had more than just 1 of these to drink that day. I also wish they distributed here to MA. Perhaps a Dark Lord Day trip is in order…

Heady Topper



The best IPA in the world, Heady Topper by The Alchemist in Vermont!

Credit goes to idrinkgoodbeer.com for the original can photo.

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