Christmas Ale

It isn’t a Beery Christmas unless I can score a couple bottles of Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale with the help from my friend Jess visiting family in NY. This stocking stuffer is brewed with honey, ginger, cinnamon and everything merry.

Pumpkin Lager

This pumpkin brew comes from Blue Hills Brewery in Canton, MA and I instantly fell in love with the spooky label. The beer tastes more like pure pumpkin than other pumpkin beers out there, so don’t go looking for a Pumking type beer or you’ll be sorely disappointed. It paired perfectly with our squash soup at dinner, one of the best beer/food pairings I’ve ever tasted. 



This citrusy and piney IPA is brewed by Straight to Ale in Huntsville, Alabama. I loved the hints of floral and grapefruit notes towards the end of this beer that left my tastebuds saying, “mmm delicious!” This was one of my top IPAs last month, I went through the 6-pack quickly! So thank you, brave primates, for space exploration and great tasting beers. Humankind wouldn’t be where we are today without your sacrifices. 

Abbey Ale

Abbey Ale is a great Dubbel ale brewed by Ommegang Brewery out of Cooperstown, New York. Lots of dark fruit, raisins and spices come through at the beginning and then ultimately mix and conclude in a deep sweet aftertaste. One sip of this complex beer and you’ll know why these monks are dancing. 

Zombie Dust

Zombie Dust by Three Floyds Brewing Company in Indiana is a deliciously balanced Pale Ale (some might be tempted to call it an IPA) with a fantastic crisp hop taste. I wish we had more than just 1 of these to drink that day. I also wish they distributed here to MA. Perhaps a Dark Lord Day trip is in order…

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