Hop Rising

Hop Rising is a Double IPA brewed by Squatters Craft Beers out of Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s a malty, hoppy, and strong beer coming in at 9%. I wish hops were as large as this in real life. (Plot twist: Or maybe that is a tiny man harvesting accurately sized hops!)


Porkslap Pale Ale is brewed by Butternuts in Garrattsville, NY. I first had this beer back in 2007 at a NYC beer festival. I hadn’t heard of the brewery back then and I loved it so much that the man at the table let me sneak a couple unopened cans home with me. I’d say it still holds up to this day as an easy drinking session beer (4.3% ABV) with a tiny hint of spice to it. 


Tis the pumpkin season and this beer is one of my favorites. In fact, we rated it the 2nd best out of a blind taste test we had a few years back involving 20 different pumpkin beers from 19 breweries and 7 friends/judges. Pumking is an Imperial pumpkin beer brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Co. out of Lakewood, New York.

Ruination IPA



Ruination IPA by the Stone Brewing Company is truly “a liquid poem to the glory of the hop!”  Stone brews a ton of great beers but this one is my go-to beer from them. An IPA staple in my mind.

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