Dead Rise

I might be a little biased being from Maryland but Dead Rise is one hell of a good beer! Brewed using Maryland’s favorite seasoning, Old Bay, this summer ale by Flying Dog Brewery is my surprise hit of the season. It has a hint of Old Bay with a bitter citrus finish and is absolutely delicious. 

Thanks to my friend Anna for sending me a 6-pack here in Boston!

Sculpin IPA

Sculpin IPA is on my list of all-time favorite IPAs and is brewed by Ballast Point Brewery in San Diego, CA. This beer is the definition of a well-balanced IPA. Be sure to try the habanero version of this beer, which adds an interesting bite/heat!

Zulu Blonde

Zulu Blonde is brewed by Zululand Brewery in Eshowe, South Africa. This brew quickly became one of my favorite light bodied beers and I was sad when I ran out of it. It’s not overly sweet and goes down smooth with a tiny hint of hop aftertaste. Hopefully they expand their distribution to the US soon because I want more!


Scurry is a dark honey ale brewed by Off Color Brewing from Chicago, IL. Honey, molasses, and flaked oats are the key to this beer’s soul. I loved this beer the minute I poured it. The inviting aroma is accompanied by a perfectly sweet & roasty flavor from start to finish. Off Color Brewing is quickly becoming one of my new favorites for both their beer and graphical style.


You can now find this beer at Craft Beer Cellar, yum yum!


Grampus is one of the newest beers by Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project out of MA. This “hoppy golden double mash” beer packs quite the punch with tons of sweetness and tropical fruit notes (but don’t worry, no fruit was harmed in the making of this beer). Their technique for brewing Grampus is quite interesting, you can check out their blog here explaining it all.


You can pick this beer up at one of my favorite craft beer stores, Craft Beer Cellar. Seriously, that place is a wonderland of labels and beer.

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